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Journal: May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011

Dear Friends,

It has been a month since I last wrote but lots has happened. There was an escape from this prison which we learned from the TV news. I’m sure you heard about it too. They locked us down for about a day. Our group continues to meet and the Lord is blessing it. In addition to holding services several times a week, we are teaching classes in James, 1 Timothy, Greek, and I just started (May 9) preaching through the book of Galatians every evening that we are let out. I’m going verse-by-verse and the men seem to appreciate it. My goal is that they are fed and the Lord is glorified. We manage to hold communion once a month using crackers and Kool-Aid. There are several who want to get baptized so we will apply to get use of the horse trough for the baptisms.

I’m getting more students to tutor in GED. Many of them are Hispanic men who want to learn English. So, I’m learning some Spanish in the process. I’m still working on my book on suffering and God’s will in devotion form. Friends are translating it in Spanish and German. I do appreciate my Puritan books some of you have sent me. They are so rich and full of insight. The Lord is keeping me in excellent health—no aches or pains and all. I know the Lord has me in here to grow and to serve, so by His grace I shall do so. Two days ago I had a great visit from K and C. I was treated to some great food and fellowship. Thank you for the visit! Since I got some negative comment on one of my blogs, I am going to use initials to protect my friends. Today I was able to go to the prison store and busy some ice cream (Rocky Road), cold sodas, chips—you know, the basic food groups. :-) What I really miss is Chinese food. Haven’t had any for 6 years. Please keep praying for the ministry here. God bless.


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