Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Journal: August 17, 2010

I prepared all morning to preach in the afternoon Chapel. However it was not opened because the Muslim chaplain who usually opens it for the Protestants did not come. So I was able to preach on the yard to both the Spanish brothers and the English brothers. My theme was “Radical Discipleship.” My goal is to encourage us all to greater commitment to Christ. The heat was very hot (103 F) and in the direct sun it was almost 115 F. But the Lord brought a nice breeze and sustained us all. Then brother Frank preached for about an hour on the security of our salvation. We were very enriched with the Word.

In the last day, I have been planning to offer and teach a class on leadership to some of the men I think have potential. We would use John MacArthur’s book, The Book on Leadership. I would also require the men to read a volume on Christian theology because nay leader must understand theology and be able to defend the truth. I will hold a teacher’s meeting soon and tell them about the class. I know the Lord would greatly use this book in these men’s lives. Some will parole and some will transfer to other prisons and be used b the Lord there.

We distributed prayer cards to pray for sister Simone’s exams in Germany which will last about an entire month. There are ten of us praying of her. Also we have been praying for the Goetzen’s summer ministries and have been getting back information that the Lord has been blessing it. It is exciting when God answers prayer.

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