Friday, December 31, 2010

Journal: October 9-11, 2010

This was a very stressful day. Everything seemed to be going fine with the morning yard until about 10:20am when the tower yelled, “get down!” We immediately fell to the dirt on our stomachs wondering the reason. IN the distance we could see a number of inmates still standing. This later turned out to be a large fight which didn’t get to its fullness. Later, we learned there was a disagreement over the football game. So they locked the whole yard down and began sending many in the fight group to the hole. I shall try to redeem the time with study, prayer and letter-writing.

Still locked down all day. No showers or phone calls. They are allowing visits. I wrote letters, studied, prayed, practiced some violin and watched the 49ers lose.

Still locked down. Did get a shower—thank you, Lord. Began quiet time at 5:30am.

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