Monday, June 15, 2009

Send postage stamps?

Hey everyone,

I just got a letter from Mr. Gray saying that he's out of postage stamps. If you can, could you please send him some? I've never sent him stamps on their own, so I have no idea of there are any restrictions, but I would imagine sending a sheet of forever stamps should be fine. I think he would've given more instructions if there were any.

Thanks! He would really appreciate it.

Chains for Christ Ministries


Friday, June 12, 2009

June 4, 2009

Dear Friends,

Grace and Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. I thought it would be good to regularly inform you about my life in prison, a prisoner of the Lord, and what He is graciously doing in my life and in the lives of those here in Corcoran Prison.

Every day I thank God for His blessings that He bestows on me here behind bars. Even though this is a terrible place, full of sorrow, pain and tears, the Lord mercifully gives grace to me in many different ways. He upholds my heart with His peace (Jn 16:33); He warns my soul with His Word (Ps 19:8); He provides all my needs according to His promise (Phil 4:19); He gives me opportunities to serve Him in ministry (1 Cor 15:58); and He gives me hope (Rom 5:3-5).

To be specific, I am able to preach expository sermons in Chapel; teach two Greek classes for men who want to know the Bible’s (NT) original language; teach theology; disciple; counsel; evangelize; play a violin in chapel to His glory; and study for a doctorate in theology. All this by the grace of God. I have also had the privilege to see some Christian inmates parole who left determined to join Bible-believing churches, support their families and serve the Lord.

Behind all this is a large group of friends like you who support me in prayer. Thank you for your love and faithful support. I receive great encouragement from your visits, letters and phone calls.

Finally, I am beginning to learn that it is not where we are that is important to God, for He ordains according to His good pleasure this detail, but it is what we do in the place He has determined that is crucial to His Kingdom and plan. So, my goal is not to get out of prison, though I would to be out (for this is a wretched place), but my goal is to do His will to the utmost while I am here. That is the goal, and should be of every child of God—to serve Him in the place of His choice, whether pleasant or sorrowful. I have not obtained this goal but I do see some progress in my heart, by His grace.

The Lord be with you.

David Gray